Marie Claire

Article by Jenny Proudfoot

29 Sep 2016

Legal Week

Top 20 Legal IT Innovators 2016 - "Bringing crowdfunding to the law"

10 Sep 2016
"The first UK crowdfunding site dedicated to increasing access to justice has funded multiple cases, several of them prominent causes of national significance"

Evening Standard

Article by Phoebe Luckhurst

25 Aug 2016

Financial Times

"Crowdfunding boosts UK judicial review bids"

20 March 2016
"Dr Nadia Masood, an anaesthetics registrar, and three others wanted to mount a judicial review to challenge the contract, but needed money to pay for it. Within three days they had raised £85,000 on CrowdJustice..."


Four Digital Disruptors That Could Make It Big In Legal Services

22 December 2015
"CrowdJustice's key disruptive impact centres on the traditional funding model for litigation. It allows people to find out about a case that’s happening that might affect them – and utilises the power of the crowd to help fund cases that in the past only the very wealthy would have been able to bring."

The Guardian

Article by Mary O'Hara

21 October 2015

Article by Joshua Rozenberg

25 May 2015


"Crowdfunding website aims to democratise legal disputes"

5 August 2015
“Linking potential funding sources with the internet has the potential to become quite big.”

BBC 2 "Victoria Derbyshire programme" (at 1:07)

BBC Radio Four "Today programme"


"Crowdfunding sites aim to make the law accessible to all"

9 August 2015
“CrowdJustice, Britain’s first legal crowdfunding website, seeks to scratch quite a different itch in the psyches of its participants.”


"CrowdJustice wants to bring crowdfunding to public interest litigation"

22 May 2015
“...the idea of creating a crowdfunding platform solely dedicated to public interest or community-led legal action seems painstakingly obvious in retrospect..”

Fast Company Co.Exist

"Lawsuits in the public interest now have their own crowdfunding site"

5 June 2015

Legal Cheek

"How ex-Linklaters solicitor Julia Salasky created a startup to crowdfund justice"

26 June 2015


"UK citizens can now crowdfund social justice court cases"

22 June 2015

"Wise Words with Julia Salasky"

22 July 2015

Law Society Gazette

"Innovation in legal services - crowdfunding"

31 July 2015

"Lawyer in the News"

22 June 2015

Solicitor's Journal

"Crowdfunding for justice takes multinational oil companies to court"

22 May 2015

Legal Voice

"Crowdfunding for justice: 'A chance to fill the gap'"

22 May 2015

Strategic Finance

"Hacking the legal system"

29 May 2015

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