CrowdJustice helps you raise funds for your legal journey

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How does it work?

CrowdJustice is a crowdfunding platform built specifically for legal cases. It gives you the tools to build a community around your case and gain financial and community support to help get your case to court. Crowdfunding your case on CrowdJustice is simple:

Submit your case

Submit a few details about your case to get the ball rolling. We’ll contact you directly to answer any questions and get you started!

Create your CrowdJustice campaign

Once you’ve submitted your case you can begin creating your case page. This is your chance to tell people what your case is about and why it matters.

Build your community of supporters

Most cases affect a community, big or small – whether it’s friends and family, colleagues or neighbours, or a larger group of people who are passionate about the issue at stake. We’ll give you the tools to build on that support and grow your community.

Take legal action

Once you’ve successfully hit your target, we'll transfer the funds directly to your attorney. If you need more funding, you can set a higher 'stretch' target and carry on raising.

Simple, affordable and secure

It’s free to create a case page. If your case is successfully funded, ~92% of the total funds successfully raised on the platform go towards your legal case. If you don’t hit your target, cards are not charged and no fees are collected.


Platform fee

3.4% + 30¢

Payment processor fees


How do I know if my case is right for crowdfunding?

If you think that your friends and family and/or a broader community will come together to help fund your case, then crowdfunding can work for you. We’ll help give you the tools to build a community around your case.

Why should I use CrowdJustice?

CrowdJustice is built for legal crowdfunding. We have the experience at building communities around legal cases, and our processes are sensitive to the needs of legal cases. There are benefits for your backers too. Because we verify that you have a attorney in place, they can be confident they’re donating to a real legal case.

What happens if I need to raise more after my initial target?

Many cases that hit their initial “all or nothing” target need to raise more money, either straight away or later on in their legal journey. You can set a “stretch” target that kicks in once your initial target has been met to accommodate changing funding needs.

How long will I have to hit my crowdfunding target?

30 days is what we suggest as the optimum time frame for crowdfunding on CrowdJustice. But we know that legal cases involve all sorts of unexpected twists, so if you want to extend the period to raise a “stretch” target, or re-open your case page at a later date, we’re here to help you work around the needs of your case.

Still have questions? Read our full FAQs. If you’re ready to start crowdfunding (or even if you have questions about whether it’s right for you), take the next step in just two minutes.